Terms of reservation

Terms of reservation

Cancellations can be made without charge 3 days before arrival. Booking is counted to start 18:00 (6pm) on the day of arrival.
Payment of accommodation is taken care of at arrival or in advance via the booking system. If you arrive at late hours when staff is not around, code to key box will be sent to you in advance. In this case we hope you shall also pay in advance. Key boxes are located next to main entrance. 

Linen, towels and clean up at departure are included in the prices of rooms at the main building.
For camping – huts and tents – linen and towels can be rented for economical price.

As payment, Motel Kontio accepts most common debit and credit cards – Nets working as our service provider. Payment options include also cash and Paypal. MobilePay will be possible later on the spring season of 2022.

Motel Kontio check in occurs from 16:00 (4pm) unless agreed otherwise.
Check out at the day of departure by 11:00 (11am) unless agreed otherwise. Later check out time is possible for an extra payment of 20€.

Return keycard to reception or a mailbox in reception area. 15€ will be charged for a lost keycard.

If checking out before original date of departure we will not return payment for the rest of the booking.
Bookings made via on-line services or travel agencies like Booking.com or Expedia can me cancelled only via the same service provider.
In case of Force Majeure your booking can be cancelled in whole. In such case, person who has made booking has the right to get full refund.

Motel rules

Pets are more than welcome to Motel Kontio as long as staff is informed in advance.
We charge 30€/pet/booking + 10€ per extra pet. Please, clear your pets droppings away from the Motel area without delay.

Possible material accidents are to be immediately informed for Motel Kontio staff. Compensation is settled case by case.

Smoking is strictly forbidden in motels interior and in the vicinity of doors. For smokers we have pointed labelled smoking areas at the front- and back yard. A cleaning fee of 150€ is charged for smoking inside.

Motel Kontio quiet hours are 22-07 (10pm to 7am)

Lost and found items are kept for 30 days and after that delivered to Pohjois-Karjalan Löytötavarapalvelut Oy (Norh Karealian Lost and Found services)