Teams and groups

Teams and groups

Koli-area is known for its many sports and excercise opportunities and many sports teams and groups visit us year after year. For example, if You are visiting Kontiolahti Biathlon stadium, Motel Kontio is the place to stay.

Rooms & Services

No matter how long your stay is, accommodation at our place will be a nice experience. Standard equipment in every room or apartment includes fridge, microwave oven, electric kettle and coffeemaker.

Both the grill canopy and hut are in free use of our guest. Grilling equipment and firewood are included.

'Pikku Kouvo' rooms

1 room 17m²

Comfy standard equipped room with a toilet and a shower.

Accommodates 1-2 persons with a option for extra bed.

Prices starting from 59€

'Mesikämmen' apartment

2 rooms + mini kitchen 35m²
Like a tiny home. Bedroom, living room, mini kitchen and bathroom with a toilet and a shower.
Accommodates 1-5 persons – prices starting from 69€
Accessories: cooking plate and tableware.

'Otso' apartment

2 room + kitchen 54m²
Cozy choies for one who appreciates a kitchen. Two bedrooms, kitchen and a bathroom with a toilet and a shower.
Accommodates 2-4 persons – prices starting from 99€
Accessories: Air source heat pump, fridge/freezer, oven/stove and tableware + cooking equipment.

'Iso Kontio' apartment

3 rooms + open kitchen 62m²

Pleasant accommodation for a larger group. Three bedrooms with a large, fully equipped Finnish style open kitchen, two toilets and a shower.

Accommodates 6 persons with a parlour for up to ten persons – prices starting from 149€

Accessories: fridge/freezer, dishwasher, oven/stove and tableware + cooking equipment. 

Good to know!

Reception is mainly closed since 20.8.2021 from september to april. 
Motel is still operating normally and customers get their keys from a key box. Code is provided via SMS or calling to our 24/7 service number +358 (0)40 059 6063 
Staff is present when needed.

Location: at Kontiolahti, by Highway 6

Distance from city of Joensuu: 17km (10,6 miles) – 15min by car

Distance from Koli National Park: 46km (28,6 miles) – 35min by car

  • Airport – 25 km (15,5mi)
  • Biathlon staduim – 4 km (2,5mi)
  • Koli – ski resort – 57 km (35mi)
  • Mustavaara – ski center – 26 km (16mi)
  • Pärnävaara outdoors center  – 29 km (18mi)
  • Lykynlampi outdoor center – 20 km (12,5mi)
  • Kontiohalli (Kontiolahti indoor ice rink) – 3 km (1,8mi)
  • Karelia Golf – 5 km (3mi)
  • Snowmobile trail &  ski track – 50 m (55yd)
  • Kontiolahti ice hole swimming – 4,8 km (2,9mi)
  • Kontiolahti marina/beach – 2,1 km. (1,3mi)  Grill & Cafe Höytiäisentupa serves visitors in the summer time
  • Vierevänniemi beach  – 4,5 km (2,8mi)
  • St1 – gas station – 50 m (55yd)
  • Kontio Pizza – 2,8 km (1,7mi)

Parking: Free parking near the rooms. We also have timer working car heating posts in case of cold weather.

Electric cars: We have a loading opportunity available. Ask for more information!

Breakfast bag

“Better than any gas station breakfast!”
– customer feedback – nov/2021

We’ll serve you a fine breakfast delivered straight to your room on the winter season 2021-2022. Make your morning a bit better and make breakfast reservation a day before by 4pm.

Price: 8€
Delivered at the previous evening
Breakfast includes:
  • bread
  • cold cuts
  • cheese
  • lettuce
  • cucumber, tomato or bell pepper
  • boiled egg
  • seasons fruit
  • yoghourt or instant porridge
  • juice
  • bag of tea or coffee
  • milk
  • sugar/honey
  • a small surprise treat


After excercise


Finnish sauna culture is known around the world. Our sauna offers you a gentle, safe and unforgettable experience. Dressing room has enough room and after sauna you can cool down on the deck.

You can reserve our sauna also for private use for 20€/h + 10€ for extra hours.
We provide also towels for 5€/pcs.