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Cookie Policy

This cookie policy deals with the cookies used on the Motelli Kontio ( website and their purposes. If you want to know more about what data we collect and how data is stored, please read our data protection practices.

What are cookies and why does our site use them?

A cookie is a small amount of data that the web server stores on the web browser’s device. The browser used, such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Edge, sends the information back to the server. The purpose of cookies is to personalize website visits, e.g. regarding the selected language settings. Cookies can also be used to collect user data to improve services and website experience. It is possible to prohibit the use of cookies completely and still the pages usually contain all the same information as with cookies, but not all functions are necessarily in use.

How do we use cookies?

There are several uses for cookies. Most of the cookies we use are intended to guarantee the operation of the site and speed up page visits. These functional cookies do not collect personal information. The site also uses third-party cookies. The purpose of these cookies is to help us provide the service to you in the best possible way and to help us understand the behavior of site visitors.

What cookies do we use?

Necessary: Some of the site’s cookies are necessary for the site’s operation. They are used to manage page visits and prevent security threats to the site. With the help of these cookies, you can, for example, make a reservation via our secure website.

Statistical: These cookies collect information about how the site is used. This information helps us to understand how many individual visitors the site has, which pages collect the most Read Times and how the site can be improved.

Functional: These cookies help the site to function as desired. Functional cookies include, for example, the user’s language selection, cookies related to the appearance of the site and embedded information from other sites, such as the map service.