Hungry? No problem!

We know, road is always easier to travel without hunger. Motel Kontio serves normally local cuisine and North Karelian flavours but at the moment our canteen is closed until april 2022.

Breakfast bag

“Better than any gas station breakfast!”
– customer feedback – nov/2021

We’ll serve you a fine breakfast delivered straight to your room on the winter season 2021-2022. Make your morning a bit better and make breakfast reservation a day before by 4pm. 
Price: 8€
Delivered at the previous evening
Breakfast includes:
  • bread
  • cold cuts
  • cheese
  • lettuce
  • cucumber, tomato or bell pepper
  • boiled egg
  • seasons fruit
  • yoghourt or instant porridge
  • juice
  • bag of tea or coffee
  • milk
  • sugar/honey
  • a small surprise treat